Our Marketing plans are individualized for each property.

The individualized marketing strategy involves many different moving parts:

 Targeted Social Media Advertising

 Email Marketing

 Content Marketing

 Stunning Property Website


We tell a story about your listing through a series of specifically designed content pieces to build excitement and enthusiasm for your home.

People do not like to be sold too, but rather envision themselves living in the right house for them.

Through our stories, we showcase the home and help the buyer envision what that would look for, for his family and their future.

Social Media is a great tool to reach thousands of buyers and create excitement for the home.

Through our proven, tested social media advertisements we can reach 10,000 + people who are interested potential buyers looking for a property that they can identify with.

Video Marketing

Through our Youtube channel and social media platforms, we advertise the tailored video(s) we have made of your property and allow buyers to view your home through a video tour and interactive floor plans.

Video Marketing is employed through various channels.

One of which is our interactive Property Website that allows all buyers to virtually visit the home and feel the spaces from the comfort of their own home.

Through Video tours and floor plans, buyers usually can quickly determine if the property they are looking at meets their requirements and will allow them to take further steps in enquiring more about it.

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