Home Inspection

When looking for your new home the first thing that attracts your attention is the beautiful staging that has been put together. The photos deserve to be in lifestyle magazine with all their sparkles and glamour.

But purchasing a home is so much more than what meets the eye. You and your realtor should be digging deeper into the homes major systems and how they are working and have been maintained.

In order to dig deep and do your due diligence, a home INSPECTION is a Must.

Would you buy a car without taking it to the mechanic first? I’m sure the answer is an obvious NO. Then why would you consider buying a property without doing a home inspection?

I think it’s safe to say that your home is one of your biggest assets. There is no reason to not look deep.

Depending on your market / area, many sellers provide a pre-home inspection. This is done for the reason that the seller wants a firm offer without any conditions. Perfectly fine!

That only means that our strategy will change as well. Everything can be looked into before you place an offer. But make no mistake the home inspection provided to you has been paid by the seller. The inspector is working in the best interests of the seller, not for the buyer. It’s important that the buyer does their own inspection with their own inspector beforehand.

Of course, the property will have a laundry list of issues – there is no perfect house. This will help us plan ahead and minimize the surprises. You may love surprises but we try to avoid them when buying a house.

A careful inspection from a qualified home inspector will give you peace of mind and bring things into perspective. In a way, it will help the buyers understand the age of the roof, furnace, big-ticket items, major components of the house so you know how to budget for them.

Next time you see a property, you know what questions you should be asking and how we peel away the outside layers to look in the core of the structure.