Tricks of the Trade: How Lighting quickly improves the value of your property

If you’re renovating or thinking about putting your home on the market, have you thought about Strategic lighting?

Light in a room can either win the potential buyer or be a real deal breaker.

While viewing homes with my buyers, I always ask them to rate the homes we have seen on a scale of 1 to 5. Five representing the most desirable home.

I have found time and time again that homes with outdated fixtures often receive bad “grades”. When asking the buyer what did you not like about this house, often their answer is: “ I cannot really pinpoint why but in just doesn’t have that feeling that I’m looking for”.

These are usually the homes that do not have a lighting strategy.

When homes are well light with the right bulb and modern fixture. Buyers often give these homes a higher “grade”.

Asking again, what did you like about the home, they reply it has a really nice cozy feeling to it.

As a result, every time that I have worked with the lighting strategy in a home. I always have a quick sale with higher offers.

What are the types of lighting that will help illuminate specific things around your home?

Send me a DM and I can let you know how Lighting can play tricks on the mind and enhance or minimize the physical size of the room.